Nursery school business plan sample

We believe that these strategies will include traditional print advertisements and ads placed on search engines on the Internet. Once all these are put in place, the final step is to advertise the school and kick off.

We believe that our facilities were custom designed to achieve very specific educational goals and we are very proud to have it. Before erecting a school building, one should conduct a survey of the requirements of the ministry of education. Covenant Academy is the dream of Craig Sissy, who is the founder and owner of Covenant Academy, and will be managing the daily operations of the facility.

They must also be passionate about children. Gone are the days when a single Government or missionary school could contain all the pupils in a location, However, in recent times it is no longer so, as there is need for more schools, more especially private owned.

Completed Conducting Feasibility Studies: Which means that Covenant Academy will always remain profitable and our cash flow will remain positive at all times despite certain drawbacks in the economy. We have decided to start up the business as a sole proprietorship business, and will sponsor the business solely, but we consider other sources as the business grows.

Our key sustainability and expansion strategy is to ensure that we only hire competent and selfless staff members, create a conducive working environment and employee benefits for our staff members.

Raising part of the start — up capital from personal savings Raising part of the start — up capital from family members and friends soft loans and gifts et al Raising a larger chunk of the start-up capital from the banks loan facility.

The materials and equipment that will be used are nearly the same cost everywhere, and any difference in prices would be minimal and can be overlooked. In Progress Establishing business relationship with banks, financial lending institutions, vendors and key players in the industry: How much money would be required to set up a standard Nursery and Primary school in Nigeria Where do you want to site your school?

This team of business writers view thousands of business plans before they recommend them to investors for funding.

Preschool Business Plan

It is worthwhile to note that the trend in the nursery industry is such that businesses in this industry can now comfortably start their Nursery school business in a business district; a place where it is easier for working class parents to pick their kids after work and do all things necessary.

Please note that the above projection might be lower and at the same time it might be higher. Nursery and Primary school business is a worthwhile investment. The market and Business The main market sectors targeted are parents with preschool age children.

If you are ready to start a private school in Nigeria? The market and Business The main market sectors targeted are parents with preschool age children. Are you going to rent an apartment or buy land and build?

We will maintain a sizable amount of print and traditional advertising methods within local markets to promote the services we are offering.

Here you can make partnerships, discover new ideas, discusss joint ventures or get immediate solutions to any challenge you may face. Covenant Academy is the dream of Craig Sissy, who is the founder and owner of Covenant Academy, and will be managing the daily operations of the facility.

Child Care & Nursery School Business Plan

Join relevant association or body that will enable you network and meet others in same industry. Below is an overview of the publicity and advertising strategies of Covenant Academy: This shows the importance of a business plan, because most threats or challenges are to be anticipated and plans put in place to cushion what effect they might bring to the pre — school.

We hope and trust that this strategy will serve to build a trust bond between Covenant Academy and the parent who naturally is cautious about leaving the child with strangers to have the child cared for and taught the entire day.Before you start your nursery, it would be wise to write down your business plan.

If you are going to go through the rough patch of starting a nursery school, you should run it like a business. This sample Nursery and Primary School Business Plan in Nigeria can be use for Grant Applications, Bank Loan, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc.

We can help you write a detail and winning business plan for any use. A Sample Nursery School Business Plan Template Business Overview Nursery Schools offer preschool training services for kids elderly 3 and four, blended with day care.

Garden Nursery Business Plan

Most corporations in the nursery college enterprise are personal however may additionally get investment from a spread of sources, which includes state and federal offers.

Starting a private Nursery & Primary School in Nigeria is a big deal,and for that reason we have outlined in this well detailed Nursery & Primary School business plan containing all the requirements for starting a private school in Nigeria.

We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample private school marketing plan template backed. Preschool Business Plan Meant for nurseries, daycares and child care centers, this free, printable business plan helps those in the recreation and education sectors plan out and market their companies.

The Toddler Warehouse child care business plan executive summary. The Toddler Warehouse is a full-service child care/development facility that cares for toddlers from age three to five.

Nursery school business plan sample
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